Abad Sports City -360 Degree Street View

Jog into the sprawling sports super store at ABAD ABAD Nucleus Mall, set out on a marathon through all your favorite sports equipments and accessories from our wide spectrum of national and international brands. Assuredly the race courses through our array of sneaker brands and adventure gear. Finish with a smile across your face and value in your hands!

The sports store deals with leading National and International brands like, SG, Li-Ning, GM, Donic, Nivia, Stag, Yonex, Head, Quechua to name a few and also has a sports experience zone wherein the customer has the opportunity to try a product before actually buying it, we call it Try & buy !!


Abad Nucleus Mall,Kochi-Madurai-Tondi Point Rd, Poonithura, Maradu, Kochi, Kerala 682304, Phone:099950 05429


Sooraj Balachandran

Google Street View Trusted Photographer


Mob: 8547425888

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